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The words were written for her
Her story hidden within the pages
Ink pressed into paper
Papers folded into books

Somehow a phrase strings along a sentence
And the sentence becomes a plot
The plot weaves a story
And every story is hers

The adventures she never had
The friends she never met
And the love that has constantly eluded her
Every story is her story

She reads and she belongs
She reads and she lives
Her life laid out in words
Her life between and within the lines

Each word is a breath
Each word is a beat
The words give her life
And her life begins and ends in those pages

She goes on around-the-world adventures
She meets new lifelong friends
She reads and she reads
Until she falls in love again

The ink saturates her skin
The story lives, breathes and dies
A period at the end of a sentence
The last chapter of goodbye

And so she writes
Each word is a breath
Each word is a beat
Her heart beats and bleeds the story back to life

She writes to give life
The blood flows in words
The body built from paper and cloth
And life stems from the plot

She creates
The characters no longer fictional
Her life is their life
Her story is their story

Her words bleed into them
Her breath breathes into them
The life she found within those pages
She returned word by word

The words once written for her
She now writes for them
To keep the characters alive
To keep the story from dying

~alyz_28~ “o”


Are You Here?

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She reads these stories
Where her favorite character dies
Over and over again
Just to see if she’d still cry
She listens to these songs
About heartbreak and goodbyes
On repeat, on repeat
Just to hear her heart sigh
She’s afraid of being numb
She wants to feel
Anything at all
Just to check if she’s still here
But all she feels is sadness
Sadness becomes her
These stories, these songs
Make her feel
They tell her
She’s here, she’s here
But she doesn’t want to be
Because Here is not a good place to be
When There is better

~alyz_28~ “o”

Hey You

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Hey you with your head in the clouds and your innocent bright eyes,
When will you realize hello only leads to goodbye?
Fairy tales don’t exist. The One is a myth.
It’s just a matter of loving the one you’re with.
Hey you with a bounce in your step, humming a song,
Did you notice when things started going wrong?
Hope is for the naive. Life is unfair.
You’ll find all roads lead nowhere.
Hey you with your perfect smile, happy as can be.
How long will you wear your mask for everyone to see?
Reality’s harsh. It’s now or never; it’s do or die.
It’s time to grow up and stop living the lie.
~alyz_28~ “o”

You Were

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You used to be the first one I told,
You used to be the first to know.
Things have started to unravel, unfold,
Ever since I decided to let you go.
The decision was made not out of spite,
We’ve really just drifted apart.
It seems we’ve both given up the fight,
And it weighs heavily on my heart.
You have her and I have to leave,
Wishing you happiness all the same.
Allow me some reprieve or time to grieve,
We’ve both lost, and no one’s to blame.
Chances are you won’t even notice,
So happy you are with her.
But, hey, I’ll be fine, no worries,
I have the memories of who you were.

~alyz_28~ “o”


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You, believing in the best of humanity
Have suffered too much pain and tragedy.
But still you jump in, enduring it all,
Never letting go, always standing tall.
The hurt is too much, the pain too great,
Although not enough to fill you with hate.
You wait for change and even though you doubt,
Your second chances have never run out.
You cling to the cause of your pain and suffering,
As if it holds your life’s purpose and meaning.
Never seeing the promises for what they are,
Empty and deceiving, like black hole stars.
Promises of never-again entice you to go back,
And you do just that, the cycle never off track.
You, believing in the good and the kind,
To the lies and deceit, are foolishly blind.
In this blindness, you fail to see,
How much your pain keeps on hurting me,
Helplessly watching you fall in willingly,
Only to get the very worst of humanity.

~alyz_28~ “o”

A Game of Chess

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Darkness falls, the clouds convene,
Blocking the sun, darkening the scene.
The mood is set, cue the breeze,
The tempest is rising, but he is at ease.
Like a game of chess, the clouds take their position,
Following the game plan they had envisioned.
The people are cautious but there’s nowhere to hide.
They have planned this moment, down to the very last stride.
The first wave begins, and raindrops fall.
Harder and faster, drenching them all.
People are running and rushing, waiting and hiding.
Thunderous laughter echoes, the strategy is working.
But a lone silhouette walks bravely on.
The clouds are outraged so they bring on the storm.
The others have gone; only he remained.
A smile on his lips, enjoying the rain.
They showed no mercy, he showed no fear,
His defiance sent a message, loud and clear.
Anger made them careless, they made a mistake.
No more rain, no more thunder. Checkmate.

~alyz_28~ “o”

Leave this Dream

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Can’t believe it’s over, that it ended this way.
I shouldn’t be surprised, what else is there to say?
You never needed me. Why should I stay?
I’m ending this, there’s nothing to save anyway.
What was the point of it all? Who was I kidding?
I was playing the fool, tricked myself into believing.
We were never something, not even in the beginning.
“We” never really started, I was only dreaming .
But now I’m awake, I see reality.
I’m letting you go, it’s better for me.
You are a stranger, I only saw what you wanted me to see.
So I’d rather lose who I thought you were than delude myself in fantasy.

~alyz_28~ “o”