Say Goodbye

Tears welled up in her eyes,
As she let out another sigh.
Walking away from the place they said goodbye,
She went home and cried and cried.
Can’t help but remember the sad goodbye
Of the man that she loved with all her life.
She asks herself why? Why? Why?
Why did he say goodbye?
The pain is still in her heart,
When she remembers his depart.
She realizes now, that they are apart,
But she still can’t mend her broken heart.

~alyz_28~ “o”


~ by agaw28 on July 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “Say Goodbye”

  1. There are times we need to say goodbye for a greater good. Sometimes it’s just God’s way of telling you that it’s not him. The poem is good. It is good that it doesn’t portray only a specific person’s feeling. The great part about your poem is that you didn’t make an assumption of the guy’s reasons.:)

  2. nkktuwa ito! haha! i lyk ung part n “why? why?” whaha! okei dn ung “tears welled up in my eyes”, ang poetic pkinggan.. haha!

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