Heaven’s Light

I walk through these halls of white,
During the darkest of nights.
I look for you with all my might,
But your face never seems to come into sight.
Where are you, my love so true?
When can I be together again with you?
There’s so much more I need to do,
Like saying “I love you too”.
People in white came, out of the blue,
Saying there was nothing more they could do.
Then I saw them carrying you,
Away from the one who loves you true.
I felt my whole world fall apart,
I felt the pain of my broken heart.
No longer can I hear the beating of your heart,
I guess our ways have truly part.
Try as I may, try as I might,
I can’t bring you back to life.
But still I’ll think of you, day and night,
Until we meet again in heaven’s light.

~alyz_28~ “o”

~ by agaw28 on July 29, 2008.

One Response to “Heaven’s Light”

  1. From what i have read just you seem to have a deep emotional attachment with someone, as if your trying to forget about this person but can’t and you express it through poetry or not

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