You and Me, an Impossible We

He was walking on clouds,
When he saw her in the crowd.
Captured by her sweet smile, he could only stare,
He realized he had fallen in love, then and there.
His life had new meaning,
A new flame started burning.
All thanks to that special person in his heart,
Who gave him the courage for a brand new start.
Although he tried to win her affection,
Nothing he did caught her attention.
He tried very hard to show his emotions,
To shower her with love and endless devotion.
But time passed by, and he stopped trying,
The flame in his heart started flickering.
And suddenly the spark was gone it seemed,
And his dream of “we” stayed a dream.

~alyz_28~ “o”

~ by agaw28 on July 31, 2008.

One Response to “You and Me, an Impossible We”

  1. wow what a downer it like hooks you in with all the sweet fancy words then it crushes your feelings at the end hahaha 2thumbs up

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