Still Here

I’ve noticed something’s different between you and me,
Something that leads me to believe we’re not meant to be.
I guess the time has come, your feelings for me have changed,
You’ve gotten to know me better so I don’t think it’s strange.
I don’t know why you’d like me in the first place,
I don’t have a girly attitude or a pretty face.
Tell me why so I’d understand you better,
Why did you like me when there where others?
What you had were just fleeting emotions,
No real feelings, no devotion.
Your feelings couldn’t last, they weren’t true,
But now it’s too late for me to say goodbye to you.
I can’t let go, I like you too much,
I’ve got to keep on hoping even though we’re losing touch.
Even though holding on would hurt me more…
I just can’t… I can’t walk out that door.
Things aren’t what they always seem,
I’ve got to pick up the pieces of my shattered dreams.
Because even though your feelings have gone away,
I know mine will always last another day.

~alyz_28~ “o”


~ by agaw28 on August 20, 2008.

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