Mirror of Erised

Within my heart and hidden deep,
Are secrets that I long to keep.
Inner desires hidden away,
Hoping they’ll come to be one day.
I search my soul to find the key,
That would lead me to what I’ll see.
Reflected there are my desires,
A passion like a burning fire.
A swirl of colors like a storm,
Upon the mirror takes its form.
I see myself smiling at me,
All I want is to be happy.
My mirror image seems content,
Living life to the fullest extent.
Family, friends and future vet,
My desire – to have no regrets.

~alyz_28~ “o”


~ by agaw28 on August 22, 2008.

5 Responses to “Mirror of Erised”

  1. haha! kakatuwa nmn ‘tong poem n to! tlgang nilagay m p ung “future vet”! haha!

  2. kc nmn assignment ko ito sa intact! hahah! pag nkharap daw ako sa mirror of erised anu mkikita ko? so syempre nmn kailangan future vet ako kc un tlga ung greatest dream ko!

  3. ah, assignment pla to! haha!

  4. So this was an assignment, 🙂 great job! if i face the mirror, i see…. a very handsome yet effeminate guy. 🙂 the future model of Asia, whha!

  5. nice…

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