Time slowly counts down, slowly ebbs away,
Until I can’t say what I have to say.
I tried to reach you, but Fate had her way,
So you were alone on one of those days.
I left you alone when you needed me,
To help you overcome your misery.
For you it seemed I was too busy,
To even recognize your inner plea.
In your dark hour, I wasn’t even there,
It seemed as if I didn’t even care.
For our friendship this special and so rare,
I couldn’t even help you through despair.

~alyz_28~ “o”


~ by agaw28 on September 4, 2008.

7 Responses to “Alone…”

  1. alyssa super emo this days.. =c

  2. alyssa super emo this day… =c sna maging ok k na, nothing’s wrong with being emo, bsta let urself be free of it sooner or l8r… d ko magets, kaw ung super bc??

  3. I’m writing from a different point of view. kc prang mas ok this way kaysa na you blame someone for being too busy…

    bsta this poem is about how someone would feel if he/she wasn’t there when may big big prob ung close friend nya. so prang guilty. bsta not from my own experience,

  4. ebbs? lyk pupu? jkeee..haha! 🙂 gnu b kc kbusy un guy? grbe nman xa.. plgeng wla.. tsktsk! if u rly love sm1 kc, u wud make tym.. kht gnu k p kbusy.. pero.. cgru s circumstances n yan, wla tlga xa mgwa.. understandable 🙂

  5. pnu mo nsbi guy? haha! actually feel ko hnd mo mllman tlga kung nu situation ko nung cnulat ko ito, pero emo ako tlga super nung cnulat ko ito eh..

  6. so u mean, ikaw un busy? hah d pla dpat guy.. gurl pla dpat! 🙂 cnu kya un isng tao..?haha

  7. haha! hnd mo tlga mhuhulaan ung situation dito, 🙂 hnd ako ung bc,

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