Autumn Loneliness

The leaves fall down as I walk this barren path,
I am alone on my journey, facing Fate’s wrath.
Obstacles and hardships try to break me down,
And so I fall because you’re not around.
The leaves fall down like raindrops from the sky,
Like teardrops that fall after a sad goodbye.
As I walk thisΒ  path, I welcome my tears,
Because I’m alone, struggling with my inner fears.
I fall to the ground, as the leaves do,
Crying at the same time missing you.
Somehow I wish that you were right there,
But there is no one, just leaves and autumn air.

~alyz_28~ “o”


~ by agaw28 on September 18, 2008.

6 Responses to “Autumn Loneliness”

  1. ang gnda ng poem! wla aqng mcriticize! whaha! i lyk the last lyn, tpos ung Fate’s wrath, tpos ung reference s leaves, raindrops, tska teardrops.. bsta okei tlga ung last lyn.. hahaha! inspired k b dhil autumn noh?? haha!

  2. emo nga! haha! grbe! sbrang lungkot ng poem n 2! tma c fayanne, nkk2wa ung s leaves, raindrops and teardrops! haha!

  3. prng ang sad2 ng buhay m ah..haha! πŸ™‚ grbe, piso per comment ah..haha! d kc ako gnyan kdpressed ngyn e.. kya d ko mxdo fil.. nxt tym, haha! mgccomment ako ult..pero gnda ng poem m, kay edward b nbbsa mo? un poems nya? haha!

  4. haha! hnd ako depressed nung cnulat ko yan, weird noh? yah, bnbsa ko rin poems ni edward, meron ngang link sa site nya dito sa site ko eh, haha!

  5. yah, kht emo 2ng poem n e2, i like it! like fayanne, gusto ko ung last line! hbng bnbsa q 2, mai image n ngfform s utak q, so far e2 cguro ang pnkgs2 q s mga gwa m, πŸ˜€

  6. ganda nmn ah, bkt d ntnggap, topak ang heights, alyssa, bka gusto sa weights, hhhha! cheers! cornilicious again… hheehee! uhrm, pwede xang gwing song! wahhha!

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