Ready or Not

You gave me roses of soft pink,
And it really made me think.
But still I said no, I didn’t want to,
I was not ready for love, was not ready for you.
You gave me music, a mellow sound,
And it lifted my feet off the ground.
But soon I came crashing down,
Still wasn’t ready to come around.
You gave me a poem of love and rhymes,
I felt I was ready for love this time.
Giving you my answer I still postponed,
My feelings for you still unknown.
When I finally decided to give you my answer,
It seemed as if it didn’t even matter.
You had already given up, I was too late,
Ready or not, I shouldn’t have made love wait.

~alyz_28~ “o”


~ by agaw28 on September 18, 2008.

One Response to “Ready or Not”

  1. yan kc, pakipot..hahah! joke lng haha 🙂 nver p yan ngyre skn e.. ay ngyre n pla! sshare ko sau nxt tym haha 🙂 bad dcsn un e.. huhu 😦

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