I’m trapped in your world, a cold and dark place,
Freedom does not exist in this tiny space.
My thoughts bounce off within these four walls,
But still nothing is heard, nothing at all.
I cannot escape even though the door is within sights,
I can’t just walk out, not until the time is right.
I have to sit here and endure all the pain,
Until the bell rings, signaling the end of your reign.
I am silent and lifeless as seconds tic by,
The silence is deafening, I can’t wait for goodbye.
The seconds echo and echo inside my mind,
Finally the bell rings, it’s about time!
No longer enclosed in your space, I can finally go,
Face the outside world where creativity flows.
But a thought bothers me that somehow someway,
I’ll find myself trapped again in your world another day.

~alyz_28~ “o”


~ by agaw28 on November 10, 2008.

One Response to “Trapped!”

  1. Rock on,

    It’s a lot better than my version of being trapped in a class

    you go girl!!

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