A long road that leads to the unknown,
Weeds thrive where flowers have grown.
The scenery is still as I walk on,
A journey to seek what lies beyond.
Tracing the contours of the winding road,
I gradually lose the burden of my load.
My body feels lighter, my soul feels free,
I’m nearing the end, I can almost see.
Overcoming struggles along the way,
Facing fears and keeping doubts at bay,
Finding strength in faith when courage eludes,
I struggled and survived despite inner feuds.
The road leads to an infinite expanse of sky,
I’m standing still but I want to fly.
I sever my bonds, cut loose my strings,
I face the future and spread my wings.

~alyz_28~ “o”

~ by agaw28 on June 8, 2009.

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