The words were written for her
Her story hidden within the pages
Ink pressed into paper
Papers folded into books

Somehow a phrase strings along a sentence
And the sentence becomes a plot
The plot weaves a story
And every story is hers

The adventures she never had
The friends she never met
And the love that has constantly eluded her
Every story is her story

She reads and she belongs
She reads and she lives
Her life laid out in words
Her life between and within the lines

Each word is a breath
Each word is a beat
The words give her life
And her life begins and ends in those pages

She goes on around-the-world adventures
She meets new lifelong friends
She reads and she reads
Until she falls in love again

The ink saturates her skin
The story lives, breathes and dies
A period at the end of a sentence
The last chapter of goodbye

And so she writes
Each word is a breath
Each word is a beat
Her heart beats and bleeds the story back to life

She writes to give life
The blood flows in words
The body built from paper and cloth
And life stems from the plot

She creates
The characters no longer fictional
Her life is their life
Her story is their story

Her words bleed into them
Her breath breathes into them
The life she found within those pages
She returned word by word

The words once written for her
She now writes for them
To keep the characters alive
To keep the story from dying

~alyz_28~ “o”


~ by agaw28 on December 2, 2011.

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