Emo poet

Emo Poet

Emo poet started writing in her 1st year of high school. However, her very first rhyme was written in Grade 5, dedicated to a “friend” who she thought she would never see again. Among her very first works are “Memories” and “Hoping” which she submitted to her high school newspaper, The Quest, and there the latter was first published. She joined poetry contests through the internet on poetry.com, and some of her works can be found there.

Her inspiration comes from a lot of things, and it comes to her in peculiar ways. Sometimes while she would be walking home, words flow from her like water in a stream. With no pause, she delivers a finished poem which she quickly scribbles down while walking. However, there are times when inspiration eludes her, and her poems come out forced and lacking. During these times, it is BogXis and some of her friends who encourages her to pick up her pen and rhyme again. Though she has stopped submitting her poems to school publications, she still writes and rhymes about treasuring friendships, surviving heartaches, and finding love.

Emo poet hopes that readers can appreciate her form of expression and will not pass of her work as their own. However, if you feel that you can use one of her poems to portray your feelings to your special someone, then Emo poet would be happy to lend you one of her poems in the name of love. However, she encourages you to use your own words and your own inspiration to create your very own one of a kind poem that came from your very heart and soul.

In addition, she would like to confess her shyness in showing other people her poems and hopes that readers will excuse some of her earlier corny and cheesy poems. She hopes that you do not judge or laugh at her poems but instead learn how to empathize with her and feel the emotions that she once felt.

Thank you. 😀


11 Responses to “Emo poet”

  1. adik!!haha! grbe k nmn.. prang hnd srili m ung pinaguuspn.. kelngan p tlga n third person eh..

  2. feel q dpat plit m ung pic, hnd bgay s “emopoet” e, hha! chka mai ksma dun ibng tao, hha! dpat solo pic, hhe.

  3. wla akong emo pic eh… tanggalin ko n lng??

  4. emo pic? pa-picture ka lang sa amin while you’re looking outside a window. or while ur walking in the rain. haha. or mas bagay na lang cguro pic ng pet dog nio.:D

  5. haha! hnd ako vain tulad mo!

  6. ok n b ito??

  7. Its very emo…

  8. so sad

    yet very touching

    try somethin new like the time


    very nice poem though

    it made my heart melt

    glad to read it

  9. I see that you’re no longer in my league. You’re just too good for me. There will come times, when inspiration eludes you, but don’t worry it always comes back to you when you least expect it. A long time I’ve been a critic for a long time, but I have never seen a good work. I’m not good with poems, but I’m amazed at the way you write it.

  10. bkt ang english ng mga tao d2?? whaha!

    nkk2wa tong emopoet page! haha! tpos, minention m ung bogxis, nkk2wa tlga! haha!

    btw, love the pic! haha!

  11. hahahahahaahahahaahaahahaahha. wow.

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